Bahri & Mazroei Engages in a Month Filled with Sports Activities in Support of Dubai Fitness Challenge


Bahri & Mazroei, a leading organization committed to employee well-being and community engagement, has recently concluded an exhilarating month packed with various sports activities aligned with the Dubai Fitness Challenge. The initiative aimed not only to promote fitness but also to foster team spirit and well-being among its employees and the community.

The month commenced with an exciting football tournament, Bahri & Mazroei proudly showcased sportsmanship and skill at the Al Noor Rehabilitation & Welfare Association for People of Determination football tournament in line with the 30 X 30 Dubai Fitness Challenge. Our team secured a fantastic 2nd place—an achievement that reflects our commitment to health and excellence.

Following the success of the football tournament, Bahri & Mazroei continued its sports fervor with a thrilling “Bahri & Mazroei Inter Company Cricket Tournament 2023”. Employees enthusiastically formed teams, displaying their cricketing prowess and bonding over their love for the sport.

The grand finale of this sports extravaganza was Bahri & Mazroei’s participation in the Dubai Run—an event that brought the entire community together in a celebration of health and fitness. Members of the organization joined thousands of participants, embracing the energetic vibe and unity that defines Dubai.

Commenting on the month-long activities, Mr. Ali Al Mazroei, CEO at Bahri & Mazroei, stated, “We are thrilled to have actively participated in the Dubai Fitness Challenge by organizing engaging sports events. These initiatives not only promote physical well-being but also strengthen our team dynamics and emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle.”

Additionally, Bahri & Mazroei remains dedicated to ensuring the well-being of its employees and upholding its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The organization actively engages in initiatives supporting the local community, contributing to causes related to education, sustainability, and social welfare.

These initiatives underscore Bahri & Mazroei’s commitment to fostering a culture of health, teamwork, and community engagement. The organization looks forward to further initiatives that promote fitness, well-being, and community development.

About Bahri & Mazroei:
The Bahri & Mazroei Group is one of the UAE’s biggest providers of value-added solutions and systems for buildings and infrastructure projects since 1968.
The Group holds distribution rights for several trusted global brands. The Group’s products and solutions have found their way into most of the region’s biggest landmarks

For more information about Bahri & Mazroei’s initiatives or press inquiries, please contact:

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Editorial Lead
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