Together, stronger!

The Bahri & Mazroei Group is on an ambitious growth journey with our different businesses complementing the all-around focus of the UAE and the region on infrastructure development.

Our solutions and services complement the vision of the government to promote the values of sustainability and connectivity that also contribute to the smart cities of the future. Our Group brings a proud tradition of over fifty years, and over the decades, we have expanded and grown in tandem with the development requirements of the region.

We have strengthened our product base bringing innovative solutions to the market, and have always committed our best resources and personnel in providing high-end services for our clients. This has been instrumental in building our clientele and we share a long-term relationship with them, partnering in their progress and contributing to the prosperity of our nation.


As we move to another new era in our growth, our vision is to continue to provide unbeatable services and world-class products. In this, our strength is our team of professionals and our clients, whose valuable guidance and support serve as our inspiration.

We are future-oriented Group, and our eyes are set on achieving newer milestones in our growth story by working together and growing together.

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